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Where were you? What have you been up to?

Ok ok…We were nowhere to be seen and had vanished of this earth. Unfortunatly I and my little family have been so busy and I had so much chaos in my head that I couldn’t spend time on my 3th child. The things that kept us busy and occupied after my latest post last year were: going back to work after being home for 1,5 years, we moved into another house (with all the stress that comes with it) and having to do it al with two little children running around. I just coudn’t combine it all together and also keep this website up to date.(so respect for all the supermoms who can juggle more balls at the same time – I definitely can learn much).  Ik will not write a whole book about our journey, but I had the feeling I owed you guys a little bit of explanation.

This last year we had to get a little organized as a family and we had to straighten out a couple of things. I have been working for a year now, there is more structure and peace in our little family. Furthermore we can call ourselves home owners now and Isaiah and Kaeilani are also bigger now (3,5 and 1,5 years old). This all gives me more space to do my own things. So now we’re able to spend more time on Life Of Kaei.

* So now we're able to spend more time on Life Of Kaei.

In the following weeks you are going to see more of me while I update this website and the information on it, because a lot has changed. I am going to publish some new blogpost again and I also have decided to continue Life Of Kaei in english so there are no differences in language between the website and our social media. I hope to continue entertaining you and maybe to share experiences with you guys.

Well…this is it for now but don’t worry, I have a new fun post coming up this weekend. So I hope you will follow us. See you then!

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