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Late summer dream

Sigh…..summer just left us and I already miss it. Nope, I’m not made for autumn or winter, but I’m not going to complain now. Even those seasons have their charms.

This years late summer we had the chance to do a fun and beautiful photoshoot with our little daughter in a lead role. Ofcourse her big brother also had to take a role, so he tagged along and helped us. The keywords for this photoshoot were: romantic, sweet, summer, cheerfull, girly, tipi. That was the ambiance we wanted to create in this photoshoot.

* The keywords for this photoshoot were: romantic, sweet, summer, cheerfull, girly, tipi.

Our little girl didn’t want to know anything about being in a photoshoot that day. It surely costed us enough sweat, sweat and oh…more sweat to take a couple of pictures of her (while Isaiah always had fun during photoshoots and we always had lovely photos with less effort). Anyway in the end we managed to caputure some footage, even of brother and sister together.

Here below I made a collage of some of the photos taken that day. There were too many to post them all, but I hope I picked out the cutest photos. These were shot by Nikki Huijnen Photography. A very dedicated photographer with a lot of patience and great ideas (I am very grateful for that). She also happens to be my little brothers girlfriend.

And? What do you think? Cute right? If you want to see how the ambiance was the morning of this photoshoot, you can see the video made by BY.JHN (who is my little brother, who I’m very proud of ofcourse).

I hope you liked this post. If you have fun stories about your children in photoshoots, let me know. Do you notice great diffrences between siblings?
For now I’m going to think of other ideas for fotoshoots (suggestions are welcome:-))
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Source photos & video:
Nikki Huijnen Photography


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